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An examination and management of dental health in children

Our clinic is friendly to the youngest patients. We try to ensure that their first contact with the dentist doesn’t end in panic and crying. Especially for children unfamiliar with dental offices, we have the option of unique adaptation visits. A specialist in the field of pedodontics will convince your child that you do not need to be afraid of the dentist.
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We recommend seeing a pediatric dentist with a child:

  • When there is pain in the oral cavity
  • In cases of inadequate tooth eruption
  • If there is observable dysfunction in chewing or the system of the jaw and teeth
  • And at least once every six months to ensure the health of the oral cavity.

Pedodontics Pricing

Children adaptation visit

When working with the youngest patients, it is essential to provide them maximum comfort. That’s why we have the option of an adaptation visit, during which the child will learn about the purpose of individual devices used in the dentist’s office. Thanks to this, they will better understand the dentist’s work and the sense of using his services.

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Sealing the teeth

Sealing is one of the most famous children’s preventive treatments. It covers a specific fragment of the enamel with a special varnish made of natural resin. As a result, it reduces the number of natural grooves and cavities on the tooth surface and thus – lowers the growth of bacteria.

Dentistry for pregnant women

Maintaining proper oral hygiene during pregnancy is extremely important. The bacteria causing infections that multiply in the mouth can spread to the rest of the body and adversely affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, following the daily prevention rules and checking and treating is crucial. However, many women are concerned about dental procedures during pregnancy. Avoiding the dentist can only hurt. Contrary to appearances, you can confidently perform most dental procedures during pregnancy, except only for X-ray imaging. Hygienic practices and conservative or orthodontic treatment are safe.

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